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The role of "Supervisor" is a critical one in the success of any organization because the direct supervisor typically has the most direct influence over the experience and opinion of the staff they oversee. Under a good supervisor, employees feel connected to the goals of the organization, understand how their work contributes, see opportunities for their own professional growth, and are committed to the organization's success. A poor experience with a direct supervisor is one of the most common reasons for an employee to leave a position.

The Bureau of Education and Training (BET) is committed to our mission to "Foster Excellence in Public Service Through Training and Professional Development." Ensuring that public supervisors in New Hampshire are well-prepared for their important role is a critical activity in support of this mission.

Supervisory Academy

Leadership, a process of proactively influencing others, is necessary at every level of the organization for health, morale, retention, effective and efficient work environments.

BET's core Supervisory Academy (SA) programming is a comprehensive leadership training program, designed for entry-level managers and supervisors to enhance their knowledge and skills for success in their new role.

SA participants will be able to sharpen their personal and professional leadership styles and expand the knowledge and skills needed to manage and inspire positive change in their workplaces and communities.

This fast-paced eight-week academy features a series of lectures, readings, and activities, participants will cultivate and strengthen the critical supervisory skills needed to maximize individual and team performance, manage conflict, balance workloads, maintain a civil and respectful work environment, develop individual staff, and make decisions.

Virtual instructor-led training sessions focus upon practicing skills and giving/receiving real-time performance feedback.

The following courses are included in the SA:

  • Leadership Foundations 2 Weeks
  • Creating a Positive Environment 1 Week
  • Effective Communication 1 Week
  • Conflict Resolution 2 Weeks
  • Performance Management 2 Weeks

Full attendance, active engagement and completion of course assignments are required of all students.

Professional Development Offerings Applicable to Supervisors

BET also offers a number of professional development classes that can further expand (or refresh) the knowledge and skills of a supervisor. Please visit the BET Registration Calendar to see upcoming offerings.

  • Preparing for Difficult Conversations
  • Managing in a Union Environment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Dealing with Troubled, toxic, or Negative People
  • Creating an Individual Development Plan
  • Interviewing and Selecting the Right Person for Your Team
  • Understanding and Valuing Difference
  • Supervision: A Review of Key Principles