Diagram of factors of professional development

BET continues to offer a variety of educational programs to enhance the effectiveness of those who serve the citizens of New Hampshire. In 2020-2021, BET changed the format of all classes from in-person, in-classroom to online using our Moodle online learning platform and Teams, Zoom, or WebEx. Classes are now held online with a combination of real-time, instructor-led presentations and discussions via Teams (primarily), and self-directed work and chat-based group discussions within a Moodle classroom. The new class format mirrors the approach utilized by colleges and universities throughout the country.

Students will need a computer and internet access to participate, and either a phone or microphone. The use of cameras is encourage for the best online learning experience. Students may request to use a BET computer at our offices to more fully participate in classes if needed or preferred.

Class descriptions identify the amount of time a student is expected to dedicate to participate in real-time presentations and complete all of the assignments during the class. Many online classes run over the course of a week and require an average of 10-hours of student time, a portion of which is real-time online instruction.

Please click on the link in the quick links to visit the BET calendar to see what classes are currently available and to register.